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Are you frustrated with the inability to easily have your customers order and pay directly through your own restaurant’s website? Do you feel like you know your restaurant probably should already have a website with e-commerce but you don’t because it seems too complex and/or too hard to manage? Are you worried you could lose your business eventually if you don’t adapt and embrace technology and online ordering? 

In light of our rapidly changing marketplace, today’s restaurateurs are learning to adopt new tools, new platforms and making key decisions they need succeed in a virtual world. Unfortunately, most are left using trial and error to figure out how to use ecommerce platforms for business and to connect with customers and build relationships. 

I get it how overwhelming this can feel! 

As a former National Sales Manager for a small premium winery, we partnered with several different technology and ecommerce providers. Most days, I was left feeling like I was on an island, without direction or support. Our first couple of attempts at ecommerce were a disaster.   It wasn’t until someone shared with me and showed me the creation of digital funnels which I witnessed from start to finish, that it started to all make sense. With time and experience over the years a successful formula has developed which is measurable and repeatable. To over simplify digital marketing, it’s like leaving a trail of digital breadcrumbs that lead back to your website.  It’s all predicated on having a website with the necessary functions to make things happen. 

Our team designed a website package to help restaurateurs like you have the website your restaurant deserves and apply the proven digital marketing strategy and techniques to help small businesses succeed. I’m here to make sure everything goes smoothly and I make things simple and easy. 

So you can stop struggling to imagine your restaurant with the website you need, and get back to focusing on what you do well, Restaurant! I’ve got you covered. 

Dan Towers

Dan Towers grew up and lives in Sonoma County. His prior experiences and interests have been in helping business succeed in Wine business and Culinary Arts. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family, gardening and rugby.

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